Exceeded expectations in terms of the number of presenters, and their level of knowledge and experience wa exceptional...All wonderful. Each presented a different perspective and experience. Loved that no one was intimidating. All were approachable and engaging.~Lois Martin, 2012

This week has been a real gift for me and inspired me to try more types of recipes and be mroe thoughtful in my meal preparations.  I have loved every minute of this week.  Thank you!~Mary Weber, 2009

All days were wonderful.  every meal was delicious and unique...I loved the diversity of chefs.  The food was great and the chefs had a slightly different way of explaining something which was good for the variety of students.~Natalie Shipman, 2009

All chefs were friendly, down to earth, willing to advise;  enjoyed camaraderie among fellow students, chefs, staff.~Harriet Amman, 2009

It's a great program and I would recommend it to anyone.~Katie Schneider, 2009

I enjoyed the wide spectrum of international chefs.~2009 Student

I've seen there is so much more than just cooking: the gathering, walks..., beer/wine tasting.~2009 Student

My week with you and all who gathered was extraordinary…an approach emphasizing "slow" food, local ingredients, and cooking together made the experience more than worthwhile. As a pastor, I made note of the connections between what was being said and taught and any number of spiritual insights; the connection between physical and spiritual nurture is an obvious one, and while offering insights in a group of varied (or non-existent) religious commitments would have been awkward and not necessarily welcomed, I hope others heard the subtexts in many of the chef's lessons.~James Bouzard, Minister, 2008

The entire week exceeded my expectations.~Art Aylesworth, 2008 

For once in my life, I’m speecless! This was absolutely wonderful, and I feel very grateful to have participated.~Julie Crawshaw, 2008 

Thanks so much for this amazing experience! It was fantastic and will forever change my relationship with food.~Mimi Fletcher, 2008

The depth and breadth of the presentations filled me with knowledge and a desire to learn more, but I also loved the variety of choices. An outstanding presentation of varied ideas and focus of the chefs on specific areas of food, wine, beer, and much more.~Chuck Lee, 2007

This was a truly unforgettable experience. I have gained knowledge and made lifelong friends. Thank you!~2008 Student