In four seasons and four locations, discover the richness of each laden table.

The Appalachian Culinary Experience launches a series of one-of-a-kind monthly dinners, beginning with a foraging expedition, continuing with a hands-on session in a mountain kitchen (complete with wood stove), and culminating around the table with a multi-course, wine-paired dinner, ending in story and song. Register here.

The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts offers week-long hands-on immersion in a variety of culinary experiences designed to awaken and broaden the palate, lead you closer to the source of the food you prepare, and provide you with a panoply of skills that will help you celebrate the ordinary in extraordinary fashion.

Experience a taste of our offerings by watching our You-Tube video or pour a glass of your favorite beverage and settle back to listen to this insightful interview. For a recent conversation with Yes to the Chef, listen to the podcast on this page.

To inspire a new--and encourage an older--generation of home chefs to gather food consciously, treat it with skill and respect, and share it with passion, furthering the notion that the most important moments we spend are those partaken with friends and family around the table.

Chefs are messengers/teachers/artists/gatekeepers, with the power to make a difference in the world through educating the tastes of those they feed. The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts unites from 30-40 chefs and beverage professionals each summer week, each one with a different yet common approach to feeding the body and soul. You will be as infused with the enthusiasm of these chefs as you are with the wealth of recipes and culinary tips they will pass on to you as you work side by side.  The spring, autumn and winter weeks will be hosted by numerous experts in the wine, produce, and cuisine of each unique region.

The summer sessions are held on our homebase, the beautiful campus of Warren Wilson College in the Swannanoa Valley, where once the Cherokee roamed, there is scarcely a better place in the world to repose and revitalize for a week in mid-July. Surrounded by the cool mountains, you will be borne away by the sound of music emanating from the many artists who have come to the same spot to take part in the Swannanoa Gathering. Asheville is only a skip away, with its many fine restaurants and markets and people.

Ithaca, Sonoma and Paris (ah! Paris!) are all known for their wondrous wines and cuisines, each with its own very different terroir.  Discover them in excellent company, and bring home souvenirs to last a lifetime. Register now, and become a year-round culinary traveler!

The most important ingredient of all is you! In choosing to participate in a week (or more) of gastronomical exploration, you will be adding to the well-being of our planet. Food is a universal language and, in the words of Indian activist Vandana Shiva, "the highest karma is the producing of food in abundance and the giving of food in generosity". May we all help nourish the future!

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